This is the face of Australia's most dangerous man.

After a four-year global manhunt, this predator has finally been caught.

Trigger warning: This post deals with issues of sexual abuse and child abuse may be triggering for some readers. 

He may look like an average middle-aged Australian man, but Peter Scully is actually a criminal of the worst possible kind. He is Australia’s worst paedophile.

Peter Scully.

Described by authorities as committing the “most horrific” crimes imaginable, the 51-year-old was finally caught in the Philippines where he had been running a global paedophile ring, distributing videos for payment online. And now he has spoken from his Manila jail cell in a chilling 60 Minutes special.

The Melbourne businessman and father of two faces a list of charges a mile long, each one of them a chilling indication of his predatory masterminding. Among them, allegations that Scully would live-stream videos of children being tortured and sexually abused in exchange for money from his global client list.

Charges against Scully also include human trafficking, torturing and sexually abusing children as young as 18 months old and the murder of a 12-year-old girl.

“He is in every sense of the word a predator,” Tara Brown told The Daily Mail.

“His crimes are like none that the Philippine authorities had ever seen before, acts so depraved and ever escalating.”

Tara Brown interviewing Scully.

In another interview Brown said she felt “shaken from the moment I started following the story”. Adding that, “It was completely impossible to relate to him, because he was so detached.”

But Scully is not new to crime. And, if his past is anything to go off, he has always been one very slippery character.


During his time as a Melbourne businessman, Scully is alleged to have scammed 20 investors out of more than $2.68 million. He was, in fact, under review by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and subsequently accused of 117 cases of fraud and deception before fleeing to Manila in 2011.

It is also reported that Scully brought a Malaysian teenager to Melbourne in 2009, around the same time he was being investigated for fraud, then proceeded to marry her and pimp her out as a prostitute.

Scully was arrested in Manila in February.

Today, less than six years later, his face is one that shows no remorse, no guilt, no attachment to his actions.

Police claim Scully is a controlling and manipulative man who would pray on the children of impoverished families. Assisted by his two Philippine girlfriends, he would use food or money to lure children to his home.

Not even his girlfriends were safe. Police found the skeleton of a 12-year-old girl buried beneath the house he rented. This is believed to have been one of his girlfriends.

Sadly, this story does not stand alone. The Philippines is a playground for the billion-dollar child cybersex trade with many predators like Scully using poverty and vague laws to remain undetected.

Too many cyber paedophiles remain anonymous thanks to legal loopholes.

While he faces a life sentence, if convicted, there is nothing that can be done to erase Peter Scully’s vile and abusive actions.

What needs to be done now is to keep this dangerous predator from going free, to prevent this from happening again, and to educate ourselves enough to know that horrible things like this are happening in the world and they need to be stopped.

60 Minutes airs tonight at 8.30pm on Channel Nine.