Lisa Wilkinson's classy comeback to the nasty comment about husband Peter FitzSimons' bandana.

It was an exciting weekend for Lisa Wilkinson.

Alongside her Today show colleagues, the TV host celebrated the program beating rival Sunrise for the number one breakfast slot.

Posting a photo on Instagram, the 56 year old joked about having two husbands – her ‘on-screen husband’ Karl Stefanovic who she’s worked with for 10 years and her real-life hubby, writer and journalist Peter FitzSimons.


“Like I’ve always said, why have just one husband when you can have two!! Especially when they get on so well,” she captioned the selfie.

While many of her followers congratulated the trio, there was one comment about her ‘off-air’ husband of 25 years that stood out for its negativity.

“Is her husband sick?? Why the scarf on his head all the time?? #weird #Notcool,” it read.

The commenter was referring to the bright red bandana that FitzSimons is rarely seen without.


Wilkinson was having none of it.

“Thanks for your concern but no, he’s actually really well. Just lost almost 50 kgs by giving up sugar and alcohol… and has a book coming out in a few weeks on how to live a healthier, happier, more positive life. I highly recommend it to you. Cheers, Lisa,” she responded.

She then added,”PS. It’s called a bandana – a thank you gift from our kids which he treasures and also doubles as skin cancer protection from the sun. Not sure why that’s ‘not cool’ in your books, but it makes him a legend in mine…” (Post continues after gallery.)

Polite, straight-to-the-point and correcting an unnecessary if not rude comment, Wilkinson’s classy response was a lesson in how to deal with a negative remark.

Earlier this year, she revealed the reason behind Fitzsimons’ signature accessory.

“A few are asking about the the bandana and why Pete wears it. It was actually a very sweet thank you present from our kids after a fabulous family holiday we all had in Cuba,” she wrote on Instagram.

“It was all they could afford and it meant the world to Pete that they went to the effort. And the kids are so chuffed that after all these years he’s still wearing it.


“Finally, simply, the reason he wears it is because he LIKES it, and because – I love this – because he doesn’t give a stuff what anyone else thinks,” she said.

A rather fabulous reason to wear anything, we think.

Image: Instagram/@lisa_wilkinson.