Peter FitzSimons opens up about the new shift in his home life with Lisa Wilkinson.

To say it’s been a big 24 hours for Lisa Wilkinson would be an understatement.

Between ‘breaking up with Today’ after 10 years hosting Channel Nine’s the Today Show, subsequently announcing her move to Network Ten’s The Project, then being accused of greedily trying to take away 10 people’s jobs, as well being heralded as a pay parity champion, there’s probably just a few thoughts going through the veteran journalist’s head.

Honestly, we’d give our first born for some insight into what life’s been like in the Wilkinson FitzSimons household over the last few days. Luckily, we won’t have to because Wilkinson’s husband, and fellow journalist, Peter FitzSimons has graciously thrown us some crumbs.

Speaking to Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa on Wednesday morning about FitzSimons’ upcoming appearance at the Sports Writers Festival, the conversation inevitably segued into a grab for information thinly veiled under the guise of concern.

After being asked – very cheekily, we might add – how that first morning waking up next to Lisa following the news was, the columnist and former Australian rugby player gave a quick insight into what the last few days have been like for the family.

“I’ll just say this very quickly, we’re obviously in a media environment where everything and anything can be used against me… but I will say, I’m very proud of Lisa Wilkinson but I’ll let her speak for herself,” he said live on-air.

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“We had dinner with the kids last night, and I will just say, I’d forgotten, and I bet your wives have forgotten, about the pleasure of being with your partner when somebody doesn’t have to get up at 3am. So we were just talking until midnight and it was fantastic.

“I said to her, ‘I had forgotten what this is like, to be just the two of you, and I think tonight, we might go to the movies.’ Every weeknight you go, well it’s lovely to be with you but, tell you what, I’ve got something on my mind because tomorrow I’m interviewing someone or doing something – it’s obviously been a very tense couple of days, and it’s nice to have her back.”

Here’s hoping for many more movie nights and late night conversations for Lisa and Pete. After a decade of mismatched alarm clocks, they’ve well and truly earned it.