'Obsessively organised' woman so rocked by Peter Alexander undies, she's forced to write to them.

Warning: The following post contains images that may be triggering to some Type A personalities.

There are two types of people in this world.

Those who fold their day of the week underwear, and those who are personally offended by the time and Oreos wasted to satisfy Khloe Kardashian’s ridiculous cookie jar fetish.

You said it Khloe. (Image: Giphy)

If you belong to the latter, it's time to strap in because you're about to feel some things and we can't be held responsible for what happens next.

Jessica Vincent is one such highly organised individual.

Which is why when she opened up her long anticipated Peter Alexander '7 Day Knicker Box Set', she was "so unprepared for the horror that awaited [her]".

That horror...

TWO Thursdays and NO Monday.

SO DONE. (Image: Facebook)

Taking to Facebook to air her grievances with the sleepwear giant, Jessica spoke of how she is 100 percent not down for wearing Thursday undies on any day other than Thursday.

"It is with regret I inform you I must make a complaint," Jessica's post on the company's Facebook page reads.

"As you can see from the attached photo (hereafter to be referred to in all correspondence as Exhibit A), there are two pairs of underwear marked “Thu.” and a complete absence of a Monday-dedicated pair."

The post continues to explain in hilarious detail about the implications the missing undies would have on her weekly schedule.

"I'm sure there are individuals who would not mind adorning their rear with 'Thu.' each Monday; for example the illiterate, or the criminally insane."

"Since I am neither, I can only assume you are trying to enforce either Commando Mondays or Cardio Workout Thursdays. Whatever your intention, I'm going to have to respectfully decline."

In a comment to Mamamia, a Peter Alexander spokesperson said:

"We too laughed at Jessica’s funny and well-written post, although we were a little surprised that there was such love for Monday!

"We’d prefer to spend our Monday’s in our PJs, but we understand not everyone has that luxury and that this situation can put your knickers in a knot!

"We have been in contact with Jessica and she will be receiving a new set including all 7 days. We are hoping to have these with her by Monday so there is no further distress. It’s great to see the love and passion our customers have for our brand and expressing it in such creative ways."

Now, please excuse this Type A writer while she rocks back and forth on the floor in the foetal position.

Would this bother you? Are you a Type A or B personality?

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