A week on from his interview, Pete Evans has chastised 'Sunday Night' producers.

A week on from his highly-publicised interview with Sunday Night, Pete Evans has taken aim at the program in a lengthy Facebook post lamenting how producers did not include interviews with many of his fans.

Writing on his Facebook page, Evans said he wanted to take “this opportunity to apologise” to the fans who came to a Gut Health event of his and “shared their amazing stories of reclaiming their health”.

He went on to express his disappointment that instead of airing stories about how many had “reversed type two diabetes”, “autoimmunity” and “depression”, the program instead decided to give airtime to a woman attending the seminar who wanted a selfie with the Paleo king himself.

“I guess the producers thought that a selfie is what they deemed more important to the story, instead of sharing real life Australians, reclaiming their health through simple dietary changes that work. I personally believe that was a wonderful opportunity missed for the Australian public,” he wrote.

The My Kitchen Rules judge went on to add that there was “a lot more” from the three hour interview about “diary, fluoride and breast milk” that didn’t make it to air, and rejected the idea he is a “leader”of the movement.

“I do not consider myself to be a leader as they portrayed, but just one curious member of the public (tribe). We interview professionals that are changing peoples lives instead of the nonsense of everything in moderation mantra that so many fall back on,” he wrote.


Evans also lashed out at the Dietitians Association of Australia and The Australian Medical Association who both took issue with many of Evans’ health claims, saying the organisations can only dub some of his diet plans dangerous “until they try it for a few months and see if it works”.

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“Oh, and thanks to the doctor that appeared on the segment, they couldn’t of (sic) picked a better representative of the medical industry than you… thumbs up mate,” Evans added.

It’s the first time the chef has publicly addressed the interview since it aired last Sunday, despite the fact the media has been awash with debate about some of his more controversial claims all week.

On Thursday night, Evans called out “F- Grade journalists”, suggesting many who were reporting on his health claims may have “lost their code of ethics”. He went on to include the journalism code of ethics of  Belarus, highlighting many of the values “journalists are meant to represent and uphold”. It’s unclear if Evans meant to attach the code of Belarus instead of Australia’s own MEAA Code of Ethics.

What was your take on Pete Evans’ Sunday Night interview?