Pete Evans shared what he feeds his children for breakfast and, well, brace yourself.

Celebrity television chef and Paleo diehard Pete Evans has just shared his daughter’s breakfast with the world and it’s … well, it’s beyond our wildest dreams, to be totally honest.

“Little Indii’s breakfast before school today,” the dad-of-two wrote alongside a delicious looking Instagram image on Friday.

The 43-year-old My Kitchen Rules judge continued, listing the plate’s contents, “Organic eggs, broccolini, bacon, lettuce, avocado, fish eggs, kraut and the eggs are topped with chimmichurri.”


Oh yes, you read that right, friends. Pete Evans’ children eat salmon roe for breakfast.

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Salmon roe. Like, the salmon roe. The orange balls you find sprinkled atop canapes at fancy events type salmon roe. The poorer cousin of caviar and retails for $75 per jar salmon roe. The food generally reserved for monarchs and members of secret societies, sprinkled upon the plate of a primary schooler.

And referring to them as simply “fish eggs” does not downplay the off-the-charts decadence at all. Not one little bit.

And while I never thought I’d ask this, I’m really starting to wonder if Pete Evans is simply trolling us all. He’s got to be, surely.

“The girls [sic] favourite food is fish eggs so we get a jar every week as a treat from @yarvalleycaviar and they have a teaspoon on their breakfasts a few days a week,” the post continued, adding, “Indulgence doesn’t always have to mean sweet!”

The post has been liked over 1,600 times since being shared with his 139,000 followers.

How’s that breakfast of peanut butter toast on stale-ish bread being eaten at your desk tasting right now? Mine’s feeling pretty inadequate.