NSW Health Minister slams Pete Evans' anti-fluoride stance.

It’s been a controversial year for the My Kitchen Rules chef — but now his antics have crossed into the world of politics.

NSW Health Minister, Jillian Skinner MP, has a few choice words to say about Pete Evans and his “Fluoride-free WA” t-shirt.

The minister said she stopped watching popular reality television show My Kitchen Rules after discovering Evans’ controversial views on health – which includes a proud anti-fluoride stance.

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Jillian Skinner says Pete Evans knows nothing about health. Images: Facebook.

“Here we are spending a lot of effort and energy in educating people about the value of fluoridation, about the fact that there are no risks associated with ­vaccination, or very low risks, and that there is no connection between vaccination and autism, and it is countered by a celebrity who knows nothing from a specialist point of view,” Ms Skinner told The Sunday Telegraph.

“I’m highly disappointed that they would use a platform of cooking. That is totally inappropriate… and quite disturbing, which is why I won’t watch those programs anymore.”

Pete Evans has had a controversial year. Image: Facebook.

Pete Evans responded by clarifying his views on vaccination and welcoming a discussion with the Minister.


“I have never spoken about vaccination, its risks or possible connections with any medical conditions… and strongly object to any suggestion that I have,” he said.

“I welcome the opportunity to ­discuss the value of fluoridation with Ms Skinner, but ask that she, or any other party, does not misrepresent my views, opinions or beliefs.”

Pete Evans recently had his Paleo cook book for babies dumped by its publisher.

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Evans was exposed as an anti-fluoride campaigner last year after he met with group Flouride Free WA, and was snapped wearing their branded t-shirt.

The group claims the fluoridation of water is “unsafe and unethical”, and has an adverse affect on your health.

However, medical experts prefer additional fluoride in water is vital for strengthening your teeth against decay.

This year, Evans has also come under fire for his baby Paleo cookbook, Bubba Yum Yum: The Paleo Way, which was dropped by publisher Pan Macmillan earlier this year.

Are you in favour of fluoride in water? Do you think Pete Evans’ controversial health views mean he shouldn’t be on television?