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Zoe Lamont starts her day at 5am at the flower markets. And it's a dream job.

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Have you ever wondered what your life would look like if you were bold enough to take the plunge and really chase your dreams? Zoe Lamont, founder of flower service Petal Post did exactly that.

For the former event manager and wedding coordinator, that decision paid off in a big way. After taking time out to raise her three children, Zoe decided she wanted to recreate the joy every time she arranged fresh flowers in her home.

So Zoe ventured off to the Sydney Flower Markets and it was there that she started to learn about how fresh she could get her produce. She was amazed by the amount of flowers we import into Australia and quickly discovered that just like her, there were people out there who wanted to enjoy the freshest flowers they could. This is where the first seed for Petal Post was planted.

Zoe at the Sydney Flower Markets. Image supplied.

The trailblazer then began sourcing locally grown flowers to include in her boxes, which are delivered to locations all around the country. Zoe is also a huge advocate for locally grown produce and loves to educate people about where their flowers come from.

But the mum-of-three knew offering just another flower service wasn't going to be enough to see her dreams blossom, which is why Petal Post is so different. With Petal Post, the receiver gets to decide exactly how they will arrange their flowers once they arrive.

Zoe includes some arrangement tips but says the receiver tends to use their own creativity to make their own bouquet, which she says is "fantastic". Petal Post’s philosophy is “Flowers by us, creativity by you” and it couldn't ring more true.


The receivers get to learn about what's in the box as the same time, making it an exciting product for flower enthusiasts while also solving the problem of making it easier to transport flowers once they have been received. This is all thanks to the specially designed flat-packed box.

Zoe creating her boxes. Image supplied.

Now Zoe's day typically begins and 5am where she spends her mornings amid the energy, vibrancy and beauty of the flower markets. She says is a "great place to start your day" and among the incredible smells, beautiful textures and gorgeous colours, it's easy to see why.

"I get up as early as I do, and work as hard as I do, because I know my product is what people want. It means that I’m doing it for something more than money. To be able to surprise and delight of opening one of our Petal Post bouquet boxes for my clients is exciting. The feedback I get from my customers is a huge motivator," Zoe recently told Her Drum.

Zoe says she is now living her "dream life" all thanks to her drive and ambition to pursue what she truly yearned for. Her advice to others? Take the plunge and see where it takes you because "it's a whole new world where you get to do what you love".

And there's definitely something exciting about that.

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