'The pet sitter is calling my dog the wrong name. Do I correct her?'

Finding someone you can trust to take care of your beloved doggo is a god send. But what if the person bonding with your pooch… is saying their name wrong? Do you correct them?

That’s the issue facing Reddit user j3nnyt4li4.

“I have been searching for a reliable, like-minded dog-sitter for years and years. My husband and I travel fairly frequently and like to have a person move into our home to take care of our two pups. Last year, I put out an ad in a community group I am part of and found the most wonderful dog-sitter,” they write.

“She loves the dogs, feeds them our special diet we have for them, and is just all-around a great human being. It’s very nerve-wracking to let people stay in your personal space, so finding the right person can be an arduous task to say the least.

“We have had three different trips where our wonderful sitter has watched the dogs, including a long one in Japan. To say she’s a second owner to the dogs is an underestimate. They love her, she loves them – she even posts photos of them on her social media feeds while we’re gone. It’s just really a great situation.

“Here’s the interesting part. One of our dogs has an uncommon name that rhymes with a more common dog name. She somehow misheard me nearly a year ago when I called her over. She has been calling my dog this ever since. She even captions photos of her on Instagram with the incorrect name.

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“Anyway, it’s just the most awkward situation, because I don’t know how/if I should correct her? Do I just keep letting her call my dog the wrong name? Do I set up some surreptitious way to leave the dog’s name on something in the house? I don’t want her to feel embarrassed or alienated, and given how much she’s bonded with them, it might be odd for me to correct her now.”

What would you do, tell the sitter or just let it slide?