How Perth’s six-month-old quins are all sleeping through the night.

Kim Tucci sure knows how to make motherhood look easy.

Together with her husband Vaughn, Kim made headlines last year when they revealed that after trying for a son (they already had two daughters and Kim had a son from a previous relationship) they NATURALLY fell pregnant with quintuplets.

Kim started to document her pregnancy journey through her Facebook page “Surprised by five” which gained a huge following on social media. It was there that she announced the safe arrival of her babies, four girls and a boy. Keith, Ali, Penelope, Tiffany and Beatrix all made their way into the world in January via c-section at just shy of 30 weeks.

Over the past six months Kim has shared a glimpse into her new life with her beautiful babies showing how she managed to feed, change and juggle so many little bundles.

Well those babies are now almost seven months old and Kim recently updated her followers on their progress, leaving everyone amazed with the news that the babies (yep, all five of them) are sleeping through the night.

Kim credits the great sleeping for a solid routine from birth, saying that every baby has their set sleeping space with Keith usually getting a cot on his own while the girl share.

The response to Kim’s update was mostly shock with many mums amazed at the news.

“That’s incredible, my baby is almost one and still wakes multiple times a night,” said one mother.

Others agreed with Kim’s routine rule, saying that they too enjoyed great sleep patterns because of it.

“Yep. Routine from day one. My son slept through from eight weeks,” posted another commenter.


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Kim also mentioned that Keith loves his Lulla Doll by RoRo, a sleep comforter that is gaining popularity with mums all over the world for its ability to soothe babies. The Lulla Doll mimics a mother's heartbeat and breathing patterns allowing your baby to be comforted without the need to hold and rock them to sleep when your hands are otherwise busy. Which I'm guessing for Kim is pretty much all the time.

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