Stop everything. Personalised Nutella jars are here.

Take a seat, pour yourself a cup of tea and grab a spoon.

Because this is the greatest news in food since we brought you the glorious Golden Gaytime cake.

Nutella, of bloody delicious hazelnut spread fame, are giving their Australian customers the chance to personalise their own Nutella jar.

The personalised jars are available online. Image: Supplied.

Last year, customers in the United Kingdom were able to purchase a personalised jar at department store Selfridges. And it's finally time for those of us in Australia and New Zealand to join in on the hazelnut flavoured fun.

From now until the 25th of October, you can personalise your jar when you purchase a specially marked 750g or 1kg Nutella jar by heading to and completing the form. Nutella will then post you the label to apply to your own jar.

It would, of course, make the perfect Christmas gift but we wouldn't judge you if you wanted to order a jar (or ten) for yourself.

Will you be personalising your own Nutella jar? 

TAP on the image below and scroll through the gallery if you're looking for a new way to enjoy your personalised Nutella...