One of the most extraordinary adoption stories you'll ever hear.

There’s a saying among adopted families, something mothers say to their children: ‘you didn’t grow in mummy’s tummy but you grew in her heart’.

In this video, Mamamia publisher and Nissan ambassador Mia Freedman meets Jenny, a mother of five kids who are ranging in age from 19 to three. Jenny’s two youngest children are adopted and the story of how they came to be a part of Jenny’s life will be one of the most extraordinary adoption stories you’ll ever hear.

If you like this story, you will love the rest of the series. Mia has talked to Courtney Beck about how she made a website to find a partner, Nicky, who used donor eggs and sperm to conceive her twins, and first-time mum, Kelly about her experience with post-natal depression.

Do you have any experience with adoption? What’s your story? 

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