10 women share the things only we know about our bodies.

Thanks to our brand partner, Modibodi


Let’s be frank, there are a lot of things about being a woman that men will never really fully… understand.

Like irregular periods or the impact having a baby has on your pelvic floor (hola, incontinence).

That’s why we’ve partnered with Modibodi, a brand that gets the unique things that happen with a woman’s body. Their leakproof underwear includes a new range for girls 13 to 22, RED by Modibodi, and has for years been a saviour when it comes to periods, incontinence, bladder leakage, sweat, discharge and post-pregnancy bleeding and bladder leaks.

And yes, they have a men’s range too for those men who really do understand what it’s like to have bladder leakage or excessive sweat.

As well as understanding women’s bodies, Modibodi understands the planet, and the need to reduce waste, providing us with reusable, sustainable underwear options.

It shouldn’t be such a taboo to talk about what really happens with our bodies… but our society loves to shy away from this kind of “uncomfortable” talk.

Well, let’s not. In the spirit of busting taboos, 10 women shared with us the things about our bodies that are unique to us… that men can learn more about.



“I have heard so many men comparing the pain of childbirth to being kicked in the balls. Even if the pain was equal – I don’t believe it is – being kicked in the balls doesn’t last for hours and hours on end and result in having to squeeze something the size of a watermelon out of a tiny, delicate opening. They have no idea.”


“They will never understand just how mind-boggling periods can be. One minute your flow is light, the next you have clots coming out and you might stain your clothes. And don’t even get me started on period poo, because I don’t even understand that myself.”


“The very specific feeling that you get when your period starts, like even if I’m asleep my body wakes me up like SURPRISE.”




“The degree PMS can mentally affect you and how emotionally draining it is. Sometimes it’s not just moodiness or being irritable, but it can feel like you’re a completely different person and it’s suddenly like you’re hit with a heavy bout of anxiety and depression. I don’t get my period often so it always catches me off guard.”


“Hormonal mood swings. Yes, sometimes we get irrationally angry and don’t know why we’re overreacting. But it’s a REAL THING not just something we make up to justify moodiness.”


What other things about your body do you think men wouldn’t understand?

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