The period rap that's going viral. We can't stop laughing at I've Got That Flow.

If you’ve ever wished for a song that perfectly sums up how you feel on your period, then your prayers have just been answered.

Enter I Got That Flow, a new song by comedy group Skit Box.

The same trio of gals who brought you the viral hit Active Wearhave gone one step further with this sassy rap, and it’s sure to put you in a good mood WAY faster than playing that Adele song on repeat.

The song is dedicated to your time of the month. Image via Skit Box/YouTube.

Any time a guy calls your monthly visit "gross", or asks you to be more "ladylike" during what the song describes as "one of the fundamental foundations of human existence", you can whack on this tune and dance away.

Video via Skit Box

With lines like "Someone give me something tasty / Like a chocolate or a pastry" and "I just shout my battle cry / I bleed for five days and do not die" (AMEN!) the song is the period anthem we've all been waiting for.

The song is a battle cry for every woman with their period. Image via Skit Box/YouTube.

And the good news keeps on coming.


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The Sydney-based group have announced their skit series, Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am, will be airing on ABC2 from December 8.

Every dude's face when you sing him this song. Image via Skit Box/YouTube.

The series will also available to binge as part of ABC’s Summer Comedy Binge program on ABC iview, satisfying your need to watch TV and eat chocolate on the couch when Aunt Flow comes to town.

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