Perfume for your newborn is actually a thing your baby probably (definitely) doesn't need.

This morning during my regular half-asleep Twitter scroll, I was awoken with a start when one particular article caught my attention.

Yes, the headline for the piece from French Vogue really is “perfume for well-behaved children”.

What followed was a Google deep dive far too mindblowing for 6am. Apparently perfume for your baby is actually a thing. You know, just in case eau de poop wasn’t exactly your idea of a ‘signature scent‘.

It’s unexpected given that the smell of a newborn is usually a desirable one, with a baby-scented perfume even released last year.

Image: Bonpoint

According to research from the University of Montreal, the smell of a newborn "taps into the pleasure centres of a woman's brain".

Yet it seems there's a serious market for the product. Led by the French (quelle surprise!), Bonpoint, L'Occitane, Burberry and Dolce and Gabanna have all released a perfume specially formulated for babies.

Vogue's latest pick, Bonpoint's Eau Fraîche, promises to "evokes freshly cut lawns" with notes of "mandarin, grapefruit and basil."

But before you start yelling about the chemicals, rest assured - the water-based scent is free from parabens, phenoxyethanol and diethyl phthalate, making it safe to spray. It's also designed to be worn on clothing rather than directly applied to skin, with the idea of giving babies a "clean" smell. And yes, you can borrow it too.

While the idea of perfumes specifically for your already gorgeous-smelling baby might seem ridiculous, there could actually be an unexpected benefit for others too.

Their gentle formula makes them perfect for adults with allergies as well as an alternative to the overpowering scents that overwhelm the office.

So what do you reckon - ridiculous or not a terrible idea?