Peppa Pig is being sued by a women named Gabriella Goat.

Yes, we’re for real.

An Italian woman named Gabriella Goat is reportedly demanding 100,000 Euros ($143,000 AUD) in compensation after being “teased and made an object of scorn,” thanks to a Peppa Pig character.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Gabriella Capra, whose last name means goat in Italian, claims that since the introduction of the character to the series in 2012, “She has been the frequent object of derisive jokes by friends and colleagues.”

Peppa Pig, Gabriella Goat and Uncle Goat. Image via Disney.

According to the National Foundation of Consumers, who is representing Gabriella in the civil suit, she  has decided to protect her name by seeking compensation which she will reportedly donate to charity.

Peppa Pig is hugely in popular in Italy, where the character appears as Gabriella Capri, and has even inspired an upcoming theme park.

But it's clear that not everyone is a fan.

Daddy Pig, Gabriella Goat and Uncle Goat.

The trouble reportedly began after the Italian version of the “Holiday in the Sun” episode aired in Italy earlier this year. For those who haven't kept up to date with the Peppa universe, the episode features Peppa and her family on holiday in Italy where she meets allegedly offensive character.

“Hello. I am Gabriella Goat. Baaaaa,” says baby goat character in our version of the show. In the Italian version, the character says “Buon giorno, sono Gabriella Capra. Baaaaa.”

Mmmm, offensive indeed.

The Peppa Pig controversies are never ending it seems.

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