The one Peppa Pig episode they won't let Australian kids see.

Peppa Pig, man. She’s just a pig trying to live her pig life. Trying to get on with her pig business like her little brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig.

She’s got her own show, so she’s pretty much living the dream. So, what could this pig have possibly done to get a whole episode banned in Australia?

Befriend a goddamn spider, that’s what.

Image: YouTube/PeppaPig

Yep, Australia has banned a 2004 episode of Peppa's show in which she makes an arachnid friend called  'Mister Skinnylegs'. The moral of the story is that spiders are "very, very small and can't hurt you".


Spiders, says Peppa, can be our friends.




The episode aired two weeks ago on the 25th August on Nick Jr, a channel available on Foxtel, where it was spotted by eagle-eyed Sydney mum Jess.

"It came on and I thought, 'Is this the (restricted) episode I'm thinking of?' It was, so I turned it off," she told Essential Baby.

After initially refusing to drop the episode, claiming "The context of the way the spider is portrayed in the episode lessens any impact of scariness or danger; the spider does not look real, it has a smiley face and is shown in context of a show with other talking animals", Nick Jr removed it from programming rotation after being contacted by media.

The worst thing? It's not the first time it's happened.

Peppa Pig
Image via Nick Jr.

A parent watching the show in 2012 complained to the ABC that this pro-spider propaganda wasn't really appropriate for children in this country. And the ABC agreed. And so do we.

The ABC issued an apology, saying they actually never meant to show the episode in the first place. It was accidentally published online due to a technical problem. PROBABLY A MASSIVE SPIDER IN THE OPERATING SYSTEM.

Peppa's UK viewers will continue to befriend their harmless spiders.

But here we will maintain the fear, respect, and safe distance.

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