Apparently there are people who don’t watch Offspring and The Bachelor.

The old adage says that you learn something new every day.

That’s exactly what happened on Wednesday as I fed my shopping addiction on my lunch break. If I’m perfectly honest, I wasn’t totally prepared for the bombshells that were dropped and am still struggling to come to terms with their scandalous nature.

As I chatted casually with the shop assistants, the topic strayed onto Offspring because, why not? It then naturally progressed to the much anticipated return of The Bachelor because, Richie. Whilst discussing the regimented television viewing routines that would now become common place on a Wednesday night in order to balance the demands of Nina and Richie as they vie for our attention, the other shop assistant flippantly mentioned how she hated – yes you read correctly – Offspring and The Bachelor.

But...but...Nina's fringe jacket! Image via Channel 10.

Say what now?

The dumbfounded looks on the face of myself, the shop assistant and another customer who had now tuned into our critically important conversation must have said it all.

The world around me slowed down, visions of Nina strutting confidently through the streets of Melbourne, while Richie climbed topless in the background flashed through my mind. A smile naturally spreading across my face because I was in my happy place.

I was quickly brought back to reality though as I picked my chin up from the floor. The revelation sunk in, the world as I once knew it, was forever changed. This moment was up there with realising that Santa and my mum used the same wrapping paper - it's okay though, Mum just helps Santa with wrapping the presents because he gets really busy.'re about to miss so much drama. Image via Channel 10.

Perhaps stupidly, selfishly or somewhat sensibly I had simply assumed that everyone, female at least, loved worshipped Offspring and The Bachelor.

In my mind the female population of Australia collectively stopped on a Wednesday night, putting chores and concerns aside, ready to share in Nina's most recent romantic failure and wait with bated breath throughout each and every rose ceremony.

I hadn't considered an alternate universe where other programs were watched or socialising on a Wednesday night was deemed appropriate. In fact, even after applying an exorbitant about of time to comprehending a world without Nina's neuroticism or Osher's dulcet tones, I'm still at a loss.

Watch The Binge team discuss their theory about Dr Angus from Offspring. Post continues after video...

Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it seems clear to me that not dedicating a small, but crucial part of your life to Offspring and The Bachelor could lead to a serious case of FOMO.

So, as Wednesday night fast approaches yet again, remember to tune in, it's for your health people.