If people who don't like kids actually said what they were thinking...


We all know one.

That friend that over shares about their kids lives on social media. Or the friend who always turns the topic of conversation to the colour of their kids’ poo. Over brunch, while you’re eating your scrambled eggs.

Sometimes it can make you feel, well….

Not everyone loves babies. And it doesn’t make you a monster. Some times you just don’t…feel it.

Buzzfeed has now captured what non-kid-people are thinking when they have someone else’s baby shoved into their arms.



The video also captures some of the irritating things that people say to people who don’t like children: “You were a baby. Why don’t you like babies?” Um, I also wee’d in my pants when I was a baby, but that doesn’t mean that I love doing that now…

Ultimately, it’s an excellent reminder to parents and non parents alike: Never say “Well, you’re gonna change your mind when your biological clock starts ticking,” to a childless friend. Because, as the video shows, some people are more than happy to hit snooze on that alarm clock.

Can you relate?…