5 friends were rescued from an island. Because they did this one thing.

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For the next four weeks we’ll be bringing you a little dose of good news. Sometimes when we turn on the TV, radio or open a newspaper, it feels like everything in the world is just sad and wrong. But there are pockets of delight and happiness, which we’ll be uncovering and bringing to you.

If you’re ever stuck on a teeny tiny deserted island, make sure it’s with resourceful buddies. Like this lot.

Yesterday, a group of five people were rescued from a very small island near Mackay in North Queensland because they got together and drew an enormous “S.O.S” in the sand. Take a look at their handiwork here.


The five friends had arrived on the beautiful island, left their boat by the shore while they went to explore, and returned hours later to find that their anchor was heaved out of the sand and the boat had drifted out into the ocean. They were completely stranded, and may have been for days longer if they hadn’t thought to try some urgent arts and crafts in the sand.

By the time their 6.1 metre boat was found drifting between Brampton and Cockermouth Island with nobody on board, the Queensland Water Police sent RACQ CQ rescue out to find who it might belong to.

A rescue helicopter flew over the area a second time, and that’s when rescue pilot Tony Miller spotted the SOS.

All five people are fine. GOOD NEWS.

They are safe and alive


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