Penny Wong’s awesome response to being called “shrill and hysterical”.

Someone get Penny Wong a cup of tea, already.

“Senator Wong, you’re becoming hysterical.”

“Just calm yourself, Senator Wong.”

Those are the words used by Attorney-General George Brandis during a moment in question time on Monday afternoon when Senator Penny Wong interjected during his time on the floor.

See the video here:

Video via APH

Brandis later said his answer to a question about a letter sent by Sydney Siege gunman Man Monis to his office prior to the incident could not be heard over the “shrill, hysterical shrieking of Senator Wong”.

Senator Wong took the sexist criticism well, later tweeting: “After being called shrill and hysterical by George Brandis, I’m off to my office for a cup of tea, a Bex [a drug associated with soothing frazzled housewives in the 50s and 60s] and a lie down. #dinosaur #senateqt


But Greens Leader Richard Di Natale called upon Senator Brandis – who was busted reading a book of poetry during senate estimates in June – to withdraw his “unbecoming” comments, Sky News reports.

“I would invite Senator Brandis to reflect on some of the language he is using in this chamber,” Senator Di Natale said.

penny wong hysterical
Penny Wong’s got Twitter game.

“Calling Senator Wong shrill and hysterical is language unbecoming of a government minister.”

Maybe Brandis is the one who needs a Bex and a lie down.

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