How did I not notice there was a penis on my dress?

Hey guys.

I got a new dress!

I have that shiny bright new dress feeling.

Isn’t it great? Look at it.

penis on dress

No, really. Look at it.

penis on dress


penis on dress


Is that…

Is it?

Is that a penis on my dress?

Because as soon as I bounded into work today, I knew someone would comment on my dress. I just thought it would be a “great dress!” instead of “Ah… there is a penis on your dress”.

I’M SORRY but when I tried it on in the change-room, I didn’t notice. When I put it on this morning, I didn’t notice. When I caught a glimpse of my Great New Dress in the window, I didn’t notice.

Now, I may as well be Monica Lewinski for the amount of penis dress jokes flying around. My dress is sexually harassing people in the workplace and I didn’t even realise.

C’mon guys.

It’s not a penis.

Is it?


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