The 8 emotional stages of pelvic-floor failure.




What do pregnancy, heavy lifting, child birth and gymnastics have in common?

Aside from being uncomfortable, they can all cause Light Bladder Leakage (LBL). In other words, an unexpected (and unwanted) leak. From your bladder. You cough, laugh, run or jump and oops, out it comes, without warning, without control. And with it comes a myriad of emotions.

But while it can be scary at first, according to experts, it can have a positive ending. With the help of continence nurse consultant Merrill McPhee, we bring you the eight emotional stages of LBL.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this series of posts is sponsored by Carefree.  But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.


1. OMG I just wet my pants.

Otherwise known as the discovery phase. Perhaps you’ve just had a baby. Or done some seriously heavy lifting. You’re going about your day until suddenly, it’s not the baby that needs changing, it’s you.


2. Why? Why did I just wet my pants?

Sneezing will require more than just a tissue for your nose and it’s not unusual to find a spare pair of undies in your handbag.

 3. Sometimes there’s anxiety.

Jumping on a trampoline with the kids brings a whole new level of anxiety as you wonder if you’ll jump that one jump too many.


4. Extra organisation is needed.

Family road trips require careful planning and plenty of pit stops to change the baby. And yourself.

5. Going to the movies is different now.

You skip the frozen coke when you go to the movies. And avoid comedies at all costs.

6. Acceptance.

You immediately sit down when coughing, and if someone cracks a joke you scan the room for the nearest toilet.


7. A new kind of normal.

You frequently sit with your legs crossed. You’ve perfected a walk/run technique where your feet move but your legs stay together as you make your way to the nearest bathroom. All while smiling as though everything is perfectly normal. Because it kind of is.

8. Phew, there are panty liners made for this specific reason.

It’s a relief for women to discover they don’t need to stuff their undies full of tissues. There are products made specifically to cater for those with LBL which are both discreet and effective.


Can you relate to any of these? Do you have any emotional stages to add? 


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