The shocking truth about how Peaches Geldof was found.

Peaches and her son.

An inquest into Peaches Geldof’s death today has confirmed that the mother-of-two died of a heroin overdose while caring for her 11-month-old child.

Her husband Thomas Cohen told the inquest that Peaches kept her heroin at home, and frequently failed weekly drug tests although she told Cohen that she hadn’t, the Mirror reports.

Cohen said that although he knew Geldof was lying about her drug consumption, he still had no concerns for her wellbeing when she left her alone with their sons, as he did often.

The inquest revealed that Geldof’s body was found surrounded by spoons, a cap from syringe, and resin from heroin. A capped syringe was found in a drawer, covered up by lollies.

Her son Phaedra was also in the house at the time, although he was found in a separate room.

British commentator Katie Hopkins has spoken out against Peaches as a mother, because she overdosed while her son was in her care.

She tweeted:


Do we have a greater license to judge because Peaches so frequently held herself – and her methods of attachment parenting – as an example for other mothers to follow?

It’s a fine line between calling out irresponsibility and recognising helplessness. Obviously, it is lucky that nothing happened to Phaedra while he waited to be found after his mother’s death, but can we really call a woman addicted to a hard drug – and acting in pursuance of that addiction – a bad mother?

It’s a tough one.

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