Pe-jazzling. This was always going to happen.

Mark Wright and the pejazzle kits that he hasn’t stuck on yet

At long last! Equality between the sexes – at least when it comes to glittering genitalia. It was only a matter of time before vajazzling got her self a partner in the form of a pejazzle and now it’s not  just women that are decorating their nether regions and dazzling their partners with crystals.  Yes, you read that right men are now getting ready to take up crystal stick-ons and er, prettify their penises.

The stick-on crystals that can be placed above the penis to make it appear a little more “fancy” are being launched by Mark Wright,  self confessed pejazzler and star of British TV Reality Show TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex ).

The Daily Mail reports

Mark is  ‘keen to speak out’ for the growing number of men he claims are Pejazzling.

‘Women don’t necessarily want a rough and ready man. Some prefer a man who’s groomed and takes care of himself. It’s each to their own,’ he says.

But can a man really be taken seriously while decorated with Swarovski crystals – especially ‘down there’, as Mark calls it?

Mark is adamant they can. ‘Men wear diamond watches and bling earrings – this is no different,’ he says.

He advises users shave the hair before applying the crystals, or for the ‘very hairy’, a judicious waxing or laser session could be necessary.

Some of the design options available for pejazzlers

If you want some “do it yourself” pejazzling you can order them here

How would you react if your partner came home pejazzled? Would you laugh? Or would you appreciate the trouble he had gone to to er, dazzle you?