Just when you thought Pauline Hanson couldn't get any lower, she's sided with Donald Trump.

While most sane Australians were frantically stacking their pantries full of tuna cans or rocking silently back and forth in front of their television screens last night, there was one Aussie pollie popping champagne and celebrating the impending Trumpocalypse on the steps of Parliament House.

And no, it wasn’t Cory Bernardi.


It was One Nation senator Pauline Hanson who was toasting Trump and ‘the deplorables’, while decrying the establishment with a glass of sparkling in hand, the words “people power” on her lips. Surprise.

It’s the sort of thing that would chill you to your core, if your core weren’t already a shard of ice from watching yesterday’s election count.

This morning, Pauline still had the salt at the ready and rubbed it gleefully into the nation-wide wound on breakfast television.

Apparently, what we all witnessed yesterday wasn’t a portent for the impending end of the Earth, it was “revolution”. Whadda relief!

“People are fed up with what the major political parties have been dishing out to us for years and they’re saying ‘nup, we want change’,” she told a less than convinced looking Karl Stefanovic on Today.

Karl countered by asking what she thought of the new president-elect’s views on women.

A pertinent question given the numerous allegations of sexual assault leveled against him in recent months – not to mention the leaked footage of him bragging about he loved to “grab ’em by the pussy“, women that is.

There’s also the matter of the pending child rape case against him.

Turns out Pauline did watch “one of those interviews from one of those women” but wrote it off as a “political ploy”.

The woman was crying “crocodile tears”, apparently.

“I didn’t condone his remarks that were said in private on that bus to someone else but that’s not unlike what a lot of men would say,” Pauline said.

“I don’t condone those actions but the fact is he is president of the United States, let’s see how he deals with pulling that country back together again as it is in one hell of a mess.”

Cheers to that! Now excuse me while I vomit from stress into the champagne bucket.

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