When Patrick Brammall met Harriet Dyer.

Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer are the creative powerhouse behind Logie-award winning Colin From Accounts, and they also happened to be married since 2021. 

The couple were responsible for some of the Logies' most memorable moments, with the quirky pair leaving the crowd in hysterics during their chaotic winning speeches. “You’re all outstanding, as far as I’m concerned, but not as outstanding as me,” Patrick joked on stage. 

The couple's Binge series received awards in a trifecta of categories: Most Outstanding Comedy, along with Most Outstanding Actress for Dyer and Most Outstanding Actor awarded to Brammall. 

In Colin From Accounts, the married pair play two characters whose lives collide, due to an unfortunate sequence of events involving a car crash and an injured dog.

In real life, Patrick and Harriet met in 2015 while filming Stan series No Activity, a detective comedy that lasted two seasons. In 2017, the Love Child actress made the decision to move to the US where Brammall was living. 

“I think you want to be close to the person you’re with,” she told Confidential at the time. "I think it was a natural thing anyway, I’d probably do it even if he was still here... It’s not a follow-the-leader situation." 

In April 2021, the couple got married while on vacation in Tampa, Florida a mere five days after Patrick proposed. The Offspring star shared the news on Instagram, writing "Things to do in Tampa in March. 1. Catch a sunrise, 2. Propose to girlfriend, 3. Get married five days later." 


And it seems the couple had a reason to execute such a quick wedding, as five months later they welcomed daughter Joni Jane Brooklyn Brammall, who they adopted through a US agency. 

The couple continue to commute between their home in Los Angeles and back down to Australia for any local projects, such as Colin From Accounts which was filmed in Sydney. 

During a chat earlier this year with the ABC, Harriet said they're hoping that the Binge series gets the green light for a second season. "It was always a dream to work here [in the US] and then go home and make a show — just keep straddling the very wide ocean, and keep telling Australian stories," the 34-year-old said.

"We're not as interested in telling American stories, as we don't really know them."

Feature image: Getty + Channel 7.