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Married at First Sight's Patrick and Charlene have split. How... utterly expected.

Married at First Sight‘s Charlene has confirmed her widely-speculated split with her TV *cough, fake* husband, Patrick, this morning on Instagram.

“That marks the end to a truly amazing once in a lifetime experience!!” Charlene wrote. “@pattymiller_mafs [Patrick] we did so well, what an amazing team we were.

“Thank you for this incredible ride – looking forward to a lifetime of friendship.”

Friendship…not relationship.

“I cannot even begin to thank the weird and wacky people that came on the ride with me,” she added, “…you guys are so much fun and there are some friendships that I know will extend beyond a lifetime.

“After all of this I will always still say yes to new adventures!!! Love awaits…”

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After the announcement, Patrick deleted his whole Instagram account without officially commenting on the split.

On the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning, Patrick avoided answering any questions about his and Charlene’s break up, but did say he has “many potential candidates”. Whatever that means?

Fans expressed their sadness of Patrick and Charlene’s split but, look, nobody was exactly surprised.

We wish Patrick and Charlene all the best as they go their separate ways!

Davina is INCAPABLE of saying sorry and we need to talk about it. Post continues after audio.

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