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A pregnant 19-year old, the second wife of a bigamist pastor, says she gets jealous of his first wife.

“Sexually I have no preference.”

A 60-year old pastor has married a 19-year old who he first knew when was a child, with the full support and blessing of his current wife.

Thom Miller, from Ohio in the US has two wives.

There is Belinda, 44 – who he married eight years ago – and his new wife Reba Kerfootruba, 19.

The three of them are building a new house with two separate wings for each wife and Thom when it’s his turn. And each wing will have an area for Reba and Thom’s baby – when the pregnant 19 year old gives birth in a few months.

Rev. Miller with his two wives, Belinda and Reba. Via Barcroft TV.

Reverend Miller, a former mafia enforcer who found god in prison, runs a ministry and also has his own church in the town of Mansfield. He has spoken out about his unusual marriage in a bid to try and gain support for polygamy.

He told Barcroft TV that he and wife Belinda discussed polygamy but couldn’t find the right woman to join their family. Rev. Miller says that Belinda, who has 10 children from previous relationships, was the one to suggest they get another wife.

For seven years they struggled to find the right person, but Thom says while he was running a soup kitchen a young woman he knew when she was a child caught his attention.

He said upon first seeing Reba after a number of years “I caught something because she hugged me and I wanted to keep hugging her and I realised, wow, I’m really appreciating this woman.”

The appreciation led to his second marriage, and a pregnancy all with the blessing of Belinda.

“I wanted to have more of a family.” Belinda told Barcroft TV.


“Having another lady in the house not only makes our family whole, but individually it’s a beautiful thing because it’s like having a sister around.”

“Thom is the love of my life and Reba is the blessing of my life, so it all works.”

Thom married Reba with the blessing of his wife wife, Belinda. Via Barcroft TV.

Rev. Miller says simple rules make the arrangement a happy one.

“The whole situation works for all three of us.” He told Barcroft TV.

“I am the only one who is allowed to have more than one partner and both my wives understand and appreciate that.”

He said the women enjoy having a “friend” to lean on but that there can be tension.

The family “make it work.” Via Barcroft TV.

“There have been arguments in the past and at times there can be flares of jealousy but we manage to make it work.”

The women each spend three nights with the Reverend in the master bedroom.

He says it works for him.

“Sexually I have no preference and look forward to my time alone with both wives.’

But the 19-year old tells of a less smooth adjustment to sharing her 60-year old husband.

“Having to share him with another woman can be kind of upsetting at times.

“But I try not to get jealous and when it’s not my time with Thom I just try to occupy myself by going out friends.”

Reba says she gets jealous sometimes. Via Barcroft TV.

She says that when her family first heard of her plans to marry Rev. Miller they were upset, but over time have come around to see how “happy” she is.


“At first my family thought that what we were doing was not right. They didn’t think it was proper for me to be with a man that was already married.”

And with a new baby on the way the family will share the newborn too.

The elder wife, Belinda said, “We kind of make jokes about the baby and where he or she will sleep.

“We’ve got two separate master suites — in case mummy Reba needs a break, then mummy Belinda can have the baby for the night.”

Watch the three talk about their relationship. Video via Barcroft TV.

Video via Barcroft TV

The minister says he is disappointed that he cannot get the full recognition from his congregation for his marriage.

“I don’t preach about polygamy but I feel it is a very Christian lifestyle.

“I have no problem with homosexuals but I think it’s wrong that their marriage is now recognised by the state but my second marriage is not.

“I’m going to try and fight the bigotry of that – this is America and my wives and I have the right to live anyway we please – providing we’re not hurting anybody.”

He just wants acceptance.
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