The European destination where you're most likely to have your valuables stolen.

Nothing ruins a holiday faster than having your wallet or passport stolen.

And while most of the time you’re taking precautions to make sure you’re not about to be the victim of crime, there are some places you should be a little more careful than others.

Research by found out the most dodgy holiday destinations, creating a map where UK travellers were most likely to have their things stolen or other misfortunes.

The country you should be most careful in? Spain. According to a survey of 8000 Britons, almost a quarter of all trips to the Mediterranean nation ended in someone either having their valuables stolen or getting sick.

Yep, Spain has the unfortunate title of being the European country you'll most likely lose your passport, camera, phone or cash.

The next place you're most likely to have something stolen is in the Canary Islands or France.

Listen: Colombia is probably another destination holiday-makers are thinking twice about going to.

We don't want to put you off your next European trip, but these three destinations also topped the list for falling ill or just mishaps in general, like injuries.

The best way to ensure you don't become a victim of theft on your next trip is to be, well, careful and not leave yourself or your stuff exposed or unattended.

And if you passport is stolen, you need to immediately report it and order a replacement, which you can do by visiting the Australian government's Smart Traveller website.

You should also report anything else stolen to the local police - often your travel insurance provider will need some sort of proof when you make the claim back home.

And, for that matter - get travel insurance.

What tips have you found helpful in keeping your valuables safe?

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