Do you know a bloke who likes urinating against walls when drunk? It’s peeback time.

This brings a whole new meaning to the word “pissed”.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that drunk men in want of a toilet will happily relieve themselves on a wall. Any wall. Anywhere. And at any time.

Citizens of German party town St Pauli, a place that is visited by 20 million people every year, are fed up with the sheer volume of urine being, er, being sprayed at the walls and sidewalks of their fine city.

And now they’re getting peeback. Big time.

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They’ve come up with a genius deterrent for anyone who tries to aim a sneaky slash anywhere in their city that’s NOT a urinal.

Walls have been coated in superhydrophobic paint that repels all liquid.

That’ll teach them not to pee against walls…

And yeah, it’s exactly as you were thinking, any wee that’s showered against said wall, will come right back at the perpetrator.

Pee covered shoes and legs? TAKE THAT, urinators!

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Locals have coined the movement the “St Pauli Pees Back” campaign, and one of the organisers, Julia Staron, told Spiegel magazine that while it’s an issue, the stench of urine throughout the town isn’t the only problem they’re facing.

“We don’t want to send tourists away, we’re happy to host them. The solution is just to explain our rules. Don’t photograph prostitutes while they’re working. Don’t vomit in mailboxes. And now, don’t pee on walls! This paint action is just the beginning.”

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Oh Julia, we can’t wait to hear how this one ends.

Do you think this would work in Australia?