7 party makeup mistakes to avoid this silly season.

We’ve all been that girl at 2am in the club bathroom applying bronzer like that shimmer brick is the best thing that’s ever been invented, but here’s how to reign her in this silly season. Read on for the 7 party makeup mistakes to avoid.

1. Too much glitter.

Sure it’s a bit of festive fun to wear shimmer, but if you look like you could’ve swiped a UHU stick across your face then dipped your entire head into a glitter bath then IT’S TOO MUCH.

2. OD’ing it on the bronzer.

Here’s a tip: do not pack bronzer in your clutch. You do NOT need bronzer at 3am. Especially when you’re under the influence of seven vodka sodas.

3. Thinking you need more lipstick (every time you go to the bathroom)

There’s nothing wrong with touching up your lipstick every time you head to the ladies, right? If you are sober then of course not. But when the champagne is flowing, you’re heading to the ladies more frequently. And if you're reapplying lipstick every single time it’s bound to get messy. Lindsay Lohan messy.

The beginning and ending of your lipline gets blurred and unbeknownst to you, you’re emerging from the bathroom with lips bigger than Melanie Griffith immediately after a collagen injection.

4. Skipping the primer.

Here’s the deal: you’ve spent money on a new dress, possibly new shoes, and taken 30 minutes (if you don’t have small children tugging at you) to carefully apply your makeup. All so you can have a fab night out with the girls / Christmas party / New Year’s Eve. But if you don’t apply a primer your carefully applied makeup is going to slip right off your face. We love the Napoleon Perdis Concealing Primer ($35).


5. Too much shine, shine, shine.

Do you really want to be channelling Real Housewife of Melbourne Jackie Gillies' life motto? (Shine, shine, shine!) Didn't think so.  If you’re prone to oily skin, have some blotter papers on hand, and don’t apply illuminating products to your T-zone - you’re asking for trouble. A double or deep cleanse (with a Clarisonic or the like) will also be beneficial in reducing greasy skin from the start.

6. Smudged eye makeup.

Again, if you’re planning a fun and LONG night out then an eyeshadow primer is really going to save your eye makeup from smudging down under your eyes when you’re belting out the high notes of ‘Girls Just Want To Fun’ at karaoke.

7. Submitting to your friend who’s ‘good' at makeup.

Just. Don’t. Do. It.

Happy holidays The Glow readers!