Partners, here's what we REALLY think about all those things you do to 'help'

Last weekend my husband spent most of Sunday trying to build ‘stuff’. He’s into looking at things in shops or online and seeing if he can replicate them himself.

Now, I don’t mind that. I like stuff. I like him being creative. What I don’t like is the time he chooses to do it. I mean, come on – is the kids’ bedtime, when we have a tanty-throwing toddler and sick baby, REALLY the best time to be MIA in the garage? When I’ve done bedtime all damn week do I really want to be doing it alone on the weekend as well? Hell no.

It got me thinking. Yes, we love our other halves to help. We appreciate it oh so much. But how many things do our partners do, with the best of intentions, that really hinder instead of helping?

1. Spending the last 10 minutes before people come over watering the lawn (which is beyond saving already), while inside is still a shambles and the toddler is creating more mess. Really, you think THAT’S the priority??

2. Your attempt to clean the kitchen is just that – an attempt. If you don’t rinse anything before you put it in the dishwasher, I’m just going to have to re do it. Learn to use the tap, buddy.

3. Hanging washing out, but not actually spreading it out. If you just chuck it on literally still all balled up, it’s not helpful.

Yep, that's me redoing the laundry after you scrunched it up. Ugh.

4. Weekend projects. I’m all for you doing man things around the house. But when they involve five trips to Bunnings in the one weekend, and me looking after the kids while you ‘get your build on’ with your BFF (aka your drill) in the garage, uh uh - it’s not cool. Yes, I wanted shelves, so thank you. But I also wanted to put my feet up for once.

Oh, how I'd love to put my feet up!

5. When you forget things on the grocery shopping list, week after week. Despite you thinking it "doesn't matter" it DOES make a huge difference. Try being the one that has to turn out again with baby/toddler/both in tow, just for one or two things. It can turn into a three hour mission from hell. Not.Fun.

6. I LOVE it when you cook (and if I'm being honest, my husband cooks more than me - mainly because I'm too busy dealing with two kids under the age of two). But, why on earth do you need to use EVERY SINGLE DISH in the cupboard? Seriously, it takes two loads in the dishwasher and a sink wash to get it all clean. And how on earth do you manage to get tomato paste all over the cupboards and throw every ingredient on the floor.


So guys, if you're not going to do something properly just don't do it at all, and pick your times better. And to my darling husband, if you're reading this - it's not that I don't appreciate your efforts - love you baby. ;)