Parody video perfectly takes the piss out of the white, privileged law student. You know the one.

A parody video has hilariously shared the struggles of the wealthy private school students of Sydney’s north shore – and pretty much nails it.

The video – purporting to tell the story of privileged University of Sydney law graduate Luke Williams – imitates a Western Sydney University marketing video that went viral, using the same song and shooting style.

The original ad, which has been viewed almost two million times, features the moving story of graduate Deng Adut, an African refugee who came to Australia as a teenager and worked hard to put himself through university.

As a child, Deng was stolen from his village and forced into becoming a child soldier.

He was shot at 12 and smuggled out of Africa by the UN.

Watch the original video here:

At 15, he taught himself to read. Now the Western Sydney University graduate is a refugee lawyer.

The parody video shows Luke’s struggles, which include being gifted an Audi at 17 when he actually wanted a BMW and developing a debilitating condition called ‘tired hand syndrome’ during his HSC (luckily, he was given special consideration).

Luke overcame these obstacles and went on to secure a job at his father’s prestigious law firm.

Good one, Luke.

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