News you don't need to know (but want to): Paris Jackson might have a famous girlfriend.

In news that will affect a grand total of two people worldwide, it appears famous offspring Paris Jackson and actress Cara Delevingne are an item.

Well, maybe. I mean… who knows, really.

Here’s the “evidence” the tabloid magazines have gathered together:

The meeting

So Daily Mail reports they met at the MTV Movie Awards in May last year and went on to share – get this – images with each other on social media.

I know. Such groundbreaking information that proves absolutely nothing other than a friendship and the entrepreneurial success of Evan Spiegel.

Exhibit 1.0

Both women are reportedly bisexual; RadarOnline wrote in April 2017 that Jackson is "open-minded" when it comes to her preferences, while Delevingne told Glamour in June that she practices "sexual fluidity".

They held hands this one time

The pair was first linked back in November, when Jackson, 19, and Delevingne, 25, were "spotted" (stalked) leaving a London nightclub together.

Interesting, but hardly something to call your girlfriends about; drunkenly holding onto your friend at 3am in the morning might look intimate to all those paparazzi following you around, but for some of us it's a necessary survival tactic.

Listen: The Mamamia Out Loud team discuss Paris Jackson's highly unusual behaviour at the Melbourne Cup. Post continues.

Then they did it... AGAIN

Okay, this is really the only information that MIGHT suggest the two are romantically involved: This week they went to dinner (with a bunch of friends) before attending a concert, and heading back to their hotel room together hand-in-hand.

"Sources" - probably the local garbage disposal technician, or a friend of a friend who knows their hairdresser - say Jackson and Delevingne are really "hitting it off".

So, are they an item? If you want to read into a few unnamed sources and a handful of invasive photographs, then sure, but after the Great Surprise Of Brangelina's Split 2016, it's become clear we're all just stabbing in the dark.

Still, the speculation is fun.