Told they can't march, Parisians put out their shoes instead.


Unable to march due to security concerns, Parisians have come up with a novel way to call for better climate change policies.

The Paris climate change summit kicks off this week, and with it comes a fresh wave of protests aimed at improving global climate change policy.

The city is still reeling from terrorist attacks and a large climate change rally that was set for Sunday, November 29 was cancelled due to security concerns.

Instead, climate change protesters found an ingenious way to make their presence felt in the city’s Place de la Republique.

The display of shoes came after climate change protesters and police clashed over the cancelled march. Worldwide organisers of the climate change protests, Avaaz, said over 22,000 pairs of shoes had been laid out in Paris.

In Australia, rallies and marches were being held around the country from Friday night, with huge crowds in the capital cities. Melbourne saw 60,000 people turn out, and in Sydney on Sunday afternoon, the crowd was an estimated 45,000.

Avaaz estimated that over 570,000 people had joined events in their hometowns and cities, with Melbourne and London drawing the biggest crowds.

In Sydney, over 45,000 marched on the weekend.

More protests are scheduled for today in Canada and Mexico and organisers say they had been expecting over 400,000 people to march in Paris before the event was cancelled.