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27 times parents who texted, really shouldn't have...

Most of our parents who text are doing their very best to fit in and communicate in a digital world that is foreign to them.

What comes naturally to you and I can almost seem like a second language to them and it’s unclear whether the biggest hurdle they face is Autocorrect, unfortunate typos, being unable to read on a small screen or just a general lack of digital skills.

If only they had someone who was kind and patient to teach them. Someone who they were related to and could help guide them through the process of texting instead of being surrounded by lazy opportunists who cunningly screenshots their messages each time they send something awkward or embarrassing.

But then again, if they didn’t, we wouldn’t have this wonderful gallery to show you.

So please enjoy the following 27 embarrassing but always amusing messages from parents who text (but really should rethink their choices)…

 1. This mother who really needs to work on her acronyms

2. This parent who needs to proofread before hitting send

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3. This mum who doesn't quite understand how the internet works.

4. This mum who just made it awkward for everyone.

5. This mum who is determined to use YOLO even when it's not entirely appropriate

6. This mum. No actually she should keep using it. Nice burn.

7. This mother who should probably think about getting some tests done

8. This mother who clearly has a one track mind

9. This mother who is using her phone for evil instead of good

10. This mother who is adorable but clearly doesn't understand what a hashtag is.

11. This fed up mother

12. This mother who wins inappropriate typo of the day

13. This mother who's can't even work out if she's mad anymore

14. This dad who has digital Tourettes

15. This mother who is big on TMI

16. This mum who's just trying to help

17. This dad. Actually no, I hope this dad never stops texting.

18. This seriously naive mother

19. This mother who's mind goes to happy texting places

 20. This dad who took things too far

21. This mother who can't work out why the sky is so skin coloured.

22. This mother who shouldn't be allowed nice things.

23. This mother who is waiting on a call from Mensa

24. This mother who needs to remember to check the recipient before pressing send

25. This mother who nearly confirmed her son's long held suspicions.

 26. This mother and son who are now scarred by this text conversation

27. This highly suspicious mother.