21-year-old sues parents for uni fees - and wins


Caitlyn Ricci.


In news that you should keep away from your teenage children lest they get ideas, another US woman has sued her parents to force them to pay her university fees.

And this time, the daughter has won.

Despite the fact that 21-year-old Caitlyn Ricci hasn’t lived with or spoken to her parents for two years they have been ordered to pay the US equivalent of $18,300 for her tuition.

Parents Maura McGarvey and Michael Ricci seem quite miffed.

“She comes from two loving families and she was given what she wanted when she was growing up,” Mr Ricci told Philadelphia’s

“Did I ever expect my daughter to sue me? No, of course not. It’s heartbreaking,” said Ms McGarvey.

Maura McGarvey and Michael Ricci.

The parents, who say they amicably divorced after two years of marriage, say the ruling is unfair considering Caitlyn lives with her grandmother.

It turns out that it is Caitlyn’s grandmother, Angela Ricci, who has funded the court case.

Grandma Ricci says, “[Caitlyn’s parents] just don’t want to pay because they have to pay by the middle of the week…This has been going on for two years.”

Caitlyn’s grandfather did not want to reveal the reasons behind the fractious family relationship but believes Caitlyn’s parents should go to jail if they do not pay up.

For their part, Caitlyn’s parents say they were willing to pay for her education in New Jersey – but only if she followed their rules and lived at home.

“From the time Caitlyn was a teenager she was a challenging child, but I think all teenagers are,” her father said.

“She comes from two loving families and she was given what she wanted when she was growing up.”

In deciding that Caitlyn’s parents had to pay for her university education, the judge cited the Newburgh precedent which says that all divorced parents are required to contribute to their child’s education – regardless of their age.

What do you think, should these parents be supporting their estranged daughter through university?