New dad fined for speeding on the way to the maternity delivery room.

Of all the times to speed, surely this is it.

They were first time parents.

She was having contractions.

So they sped through the Melba tunnel in Victoria to get to Box Hill hospital in time. And then received a speeding fine.

Patrick and Mallroy Stafford welcomed their first child, Jonah, on the 9th of June. However, the joyous occasion has been marked with a $298 speeding fine.

At 5:30am on the 9th, Patrick went 15 km over the speed limit to get Mallory to the hospital in time. He told 9News, “It’s not as if I was going at an incredibly excessive speed. You hear all these stories of people giving birth on side of road, I don’t want that to be me.’

When they received the fine, they requested an internal review. However, they just received the rejection notice. Now they are being forced to go to court to argue that the situation was an emergency and warranted the speed. 

Do you think it is fair that they received the fine? Or excessive?

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