Parents recreate teenage daughter's loved-up selfies.


FACT: Parents are embarrassing.

Sometimes all you wanna do is post a bunch of selfies and not have your parents mock you.

But, this week, New York college student Emily Musson was shit out of luck on that front.

She posted a series of selfies with her boyfriend, Johnny (who is yet to meet the parentals), on social media – and even sacrificed punctuality to find that perfect picture.

(Image via Twitter @emilymusson)

Then she made her couples selfie collage her profile picture.

(Image via Twitter @emilymusson)

Musson’s parents were clearly so inspired by the display of young love that they decided to recreate their own and post them on their daughter’s wall.

(Image via Twitter @emilymusson)

They totally nailed it.

Clearly unimpressed, Musson posted the pictures on Twitter with the caption: “My parents r actually on drugs or something.”

(Image via Twitter @emilymusson)

But, after the images were favourited 30,000 times, Musson tried to rally some support. (They’ve since been retweeted around 45,000 times and favourited more than 60,000 times.)

Like most children being mocked, she didn’t quite see the hilarious side.

(Image via Twitter @emilymusson)

Let’s take a closer look at how well her parents reproduced the works of art…

(Image via Twitter @emilymusson)

Not too bad.

Wrong hand, Dad.


Well played, parents. Well played indeed.