What goes on in a child's head when they run away from home? Read this to find out

When I ran away from home at this age I was with my sister. We took a roll of toilet paper, a drink and a snack.

We were home 45 minutes later.

A nine-year-old boy in North Carolina has written a detailed list of notes ahead of his own plans to run away and they are the most amazing, prepared and detailed plans we've ever come across.

This kid was mad.

He had been banned from playing his favourite video games by his parents after they saw his report card. He sad down and wrote down a detailed list of notes ahead of running away. His amused older brother posted them on photo sharing website Imgur entitled, "A list of survival tips my little brother wrote after being banned from video games because of his report card."

Each page starts with, "Survival tips when I run away".

After viewing the notes, his parents couldn't help but be a little bit impressed. We are too.