Those Two Girls: The parenting milestones that deserve a party.

Kids grow up so fast, don’t they?

One moment they’re sprinkling sultanas around like confetti in the back seat of your car, and the next they’re off to university.

Parents are always taught to look out for the same stages of growing up: First steps. First words. First day of school. You know – the ones where you’re expected to get the camera out.

But, in their new video, comedy duo Those Two Girls are determined to remind parents of those other parenting milestones – the ones that might not make it into your baby book, but are worth celebrating all the same.

Like when your kids learn to turn on the DVD player by themselves. Or start being able to carry their own stuff. Or – and this is a biggie – wiping their own bums.

Sure, walking and talking seems impressive, but it’s really nothing compared to the day they learn to drive and can pick you up from your boozy lunch.

So go ahead, parents. Have a bottle glass of champagne tonight.

You’ve earned it.