"You can't see autism like you can see chicken pox."

A mother of autistic children has penned an open letter to explain her “rude” children following an incident in a supermarket in Queensland.

“Dear lady at Coles Coolum,” wrote Katie Maree.

“Yes my children were rude and using revolting language. I apologised to you twice but in your ignorance you chose to have a go at me about my children’s behaviour.”

“On the outside my kids look like normal children but guess what…they are far from that. You can’t see autism like you can see chicken pox.

“Every day is a struggle for my children, my family, my whole community and it is so disappointing that someone like you can just so easily make it that much harder.

“My kids didn’t choose to be this way, they didn’t ask to be born with autism. They truly are great kids.

“You unfortunately saw them on a bad day. I was crying my eyes out. I was mortified. I was embarrassed.

“Please educate yourself on autism and try a bit of empathy.

“I’m trying so hard to help my kids. Next time you feel the need to have a go at someone about their kids how about you stop and ask ‘are you ok’.”

The letter has received support from other parents of autistic children after the Sunshine Coast mother shared it with a public Facebook group.

Mother Peta Edwards wrote:  “I feel your pain.”

“I am judged by my own family about how to parent my son with autism it hurts and saddens me that they of all people shouldn’t judge him or I.”

In her popular post, Katie Maree, has given an insight into the daily struggles of parenting children with disabilities.

She bravely admits her daily life is a “struggle” for her children and has called for community members to show more empathy to parents in her position.

However, Jo Frankish said: “Unfortunately there are so many badly behaved children out there who also use revolting language that it doesn’t make it easy for people to understand those with special needs.”

Queensland mother, Klarissa Adler, added: “We all need to be aware as it was only this week that there was a terrible tragedy with a family with autistic children.”

The incident follows an apparent murder-suicide of a family of four, including two children with autism, who were found dead in their Sydney home.

The tragic gas poisoning of Maria Claudia Lutz and husband Fernando Manrique, 44, and their two children, Elisa, 11 and Martin, 10, has thrown a media spotlight on the plight of parents caring for children with disabilities.

If you or anyone you know is suffering, don’t suffer in silence, you can reach Lifeline on 13 11 14 any time.