Parents share what surprised them most about the first 3 months with a baby.

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So, you’ve made it past the birth, the first month, and now, the first three months. Doesn’t time fly?

But let’s be real. There are many times when it feels like you’re the only person in the world to have a baby.

Like when you’re operating on no sleep, but you’re so overwhelmed with love for this little human, you push through.

There’s so much to learn and discover in this special and crazy time.

Those first few months, for me.

I spent my pregnancy taking it one day at a time, nibbling dry biscuits like a woman possessed. Towards the end of it, I thought a little about the birth. But, as for what would come next? I naively believed ignorance was bliss.

And, in a way it was. But it was also a serious reality check once my gorgeous bundle was placed on my chest. Whoa, here we go!

What surprised me most about those early months with my little person was:

– I became ‘that’ mother, obsessed with sleep. I wrote a note for visitors and delivery people – Baby sleeping, please knock quietly – and enforced it like a mama bear on a mission.
– I went and got coffee not just for the caffeine, but for the adult conversation I craved.
– I developed a superpower – the ability to stay completely still with a sleeping baby on my chest, even when busting for the loo.
– Our ability to cry in sync during witching ‘hour’, I mean witching ‘three hours’.
– The way I could lay as if time had stood still on my son’s bedroom floor to watch him sleep. I didn’t know my heart could feel this full.


Those first few months, for other parents.

It’s clear the Mamamia parent community remember these early months oh-so-well too. A recent invitation to share a story in our private Mamamia Parents Facebook group quickly became a hive of activity and reminiscence.

From ‘that’ distinctive cord smell, to breastfeeding challenges and overwhelming love, no topic was off-limits.

The first few weeks brought a whole lot of adjustment.

For Rachel, “every single day was different. It can feel impossible to understand your baby. As soon as you feel like something works, it changes after a few days.”

The opposite felt true for Sean. “I was shocked at how monotonous it all was. I knew it would be hard and beautiful, but it’s just so darn repetitive. Schedule, order, consistency, and routine. The same thing, each day. Day after day.” In any case, as Hannah recalls, “caring for a baby totally and utterly consumes you in those early weeks”.

parenting a newborn
Babies are fun, yes. They're also a lot of work. Image: Getty.

First few weeks down. Nailing it yet?

Rebecca dropped a truth bomb I’m sure many of us can relate to. “Despite us thinking we wouldn’t alter things for the baby, the baby does rule our lives.” Mmm-hmm.

On a more serious note, something changes deep inside us. It’s like our hearts have been cracked right open. Starr remembers, “I could no longer read or watch the news. The world became such a scary place for my baby.” Not to mention emotional. Cue crying at all ads featuring babies and/or puppies.

Then there are the things you never knew you could do or eat one handed. And the fact that so many strangers will talk to you just because you have a baby. It's a whole new world.

Um, where does the time go?

Newborns are tiny little time suckers. Try finding the chance to get through the ridiculous amount of washing a teeny person creates.

Rebecca recalls, “I had no idea how much of my time would be spent just holding my sleeping babe!” Caitlin remembers “how difficult it can be to live in three-hour feeding increments. And how hard it was to find time to shower (let alone do anything else for myself)”.


“I was never alone, yet I felt so incredibly lonely.”

Of course, new parents can feel the full spectrum of emotions. And Kylie wasn’t the only one to feel this way. Amy, too, remembers “how isolating it can be as a first-time mum”. Priya agrees. “Having a baby can be an incredibly lonely experience. It can be a really difficult adjustment for a dad too, who yearns for the attention he no longer receives from his partner.”

You learn about your own resilience.

“Parenthood takes everything out of you and then demands more,” admits Truan. “But it gives you something so transformative and precious, which makes it so worth it.” Gemma reflects on a challenging post-birth period. “I was surprised by my strength and resilience, and my ability to get on with things and cope."

You just want to take their pain away.

Having a sick baby in those early months fills you with dread. There’s no escaping it and, as any new parent will tell you, you’ll do anything to protect your little one from harm.

When they’re feeling sick, you just want to take their pain away. But, as I learnt, you can't give a baby paracetamol in the first month, only from one month onwards. After this time, Dymadon for babies is great temporary relief for when babies have pain or fever.

With new baby questions, there’s so much information online. I was always aware of being careful about what to believe and what to question. When it came to medical advice, my information had to be from a trusted source. This was my new baby, after all.

Dymadon comes with its own dosing device - perfect for when you’re trying to calculate the dosage at 3am. It also comes in two great tasting flavours, strawberry and orange, which babies actually do want to swallow.


It’s hard enough to get babies to take pain relief medication when they’re sick, so the moment you find something that works, you stick to it.

One less thing to worry about.

In those moments when you’re riddled with “the guilt factor” (Rachael), you know it's because you’ll do whatever you can for this super special little being.

Rebecca sums up new parent feels: “The love my partner and I have for our child is indescribable. Neither of us expected to love a little human in this way. There are no words to describe my love for her.”

So, you’ve made it to the three-month mark, and you think you’ve worked it out now. Just don’t be so sure if you go back for round two.

“No two babies are the same, even when they have the same parents,” says Katie.

Parenthood. It’s one wild ride, guaranteed. Now, hang in there, everyone. The four-month sleep regression is coming!

What did you discover about your baby, or yourself, over those first three months? Share with us below.

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