The Chop: Goodbye, 43 centimetres of hair...

Image: Look at that ponytail! (supplied)

For many of us, even having just a couple of centimetres snipped off by a hairdresser can be a big deal. So imagine what it’s like to bid farewell to over 40 centimetres – that’s 16 inches – of hair in one go.

That’s what Sinead O’Connor did late last year. (No, not that Sinead O’Connor.)

The uni student and part-time hospitality worker was a long-time devotee of “long-ish” hair, never having it cut higher than her shoulders. However, after hearing about Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program – where women can donate their snipped-off ponytails to be made into wigs for cancer patients – Sinead decided it was time for a visit to the salon.

Here’s what happened next:

Q+A with Sinead

What made you decide to make a big change?

Last year I went traveling around Europe for a few months, during that time I didn’t get my hair cut and it grew quite long. I heard about Pantene’s ‘Beautiful Lengths’ program through Zoe Foster-Blake, it’s a great initiative so I thought I might as well donate it because my hair fit the criteria! If my hair can help someone else that’s great.

What inspired your hair transformation?

Once I decided I was going to chop my long hair off, I looked at all kinds of shorter hair styles, mostly on Pinterest. I wanted something that looked chic and wasn’t too difficult to style. I also thought I’d get a fresh colour while I was at it!

This photo of Megan Fox was one of the images that inspired Sinead's cut.

Who is your hair muse?

I think fashion bloggers Nicole Warne (Gary Pepper Girl) and Sara Donaldson (Harper & Harley) always have flawless hair.

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How did you describe what you wanted to the hair dresser?

My hairdresser is actually also my very close friend Lisa, who owns the salon I go to in Warrnambool. I would trust her with my life! So I basically sent her some photos and said that she could style it whatever way she though would suit my face shape best. As usual, Lisa knows best - I’ve received so many lovely compliments since having the chop.

What did this transformation involve?

After we cut the ponytail for donation, Lisa coloured my hair - she opted for a richer dark brown colour, with a bit of warmth, and then she did the actual shaping and styling of my hair cut. The whole process from start to finish took about 3 hours. The ponytail was about 16 inches or 43cms - the minimum donation is 20cm for Beautiful Lengths - but it would have been a bit more after the styling.

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