Genius panda has been faking a pregnancy to get more food.


This is Ai Hin:

She is a Giant Panda. And, depending on which way you look at it, she’s either a lying, dream-killing, trust-destroying panda, or a crazy-smart, GENIUS panda.

Ai Hin has been faking a pregnancy to get special treatment.

Ai Hin gave the zookeepers of  Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding false hope by making them believe she was pregnant.

She showed reduced appetite, less mobility and had a surge in hormones – all common signs of pregnancy in pandas. Her zookeepers at Chengdu Research base in China were so excited, they even promised a live broadcast of the birth.

But it wasn’t to be.

Turns out, Ai Hin is just an evil genius. She looked the people that feed her and love her in the eyes and decided to fake a pregnancy.


Well, basically, she wanted the zoo’s deluxe panda treatment, which is reserved for pregnant pandas only.

Because of her ‘pregnancy’, Ai Hin got herself an air conditioned bachelorette pad, around the clock care and all the extra food she could eat (including bamboo, fruit and assorted treats).

That’s right, Ai Hin is a fluffy little hustler!

According to Xinhua, pandas notice the kind of treatment that the pregnant among them receive and so they fake pregnancies to get more food and better accommodation, assuring a better quality of life and higher chance of survival for themselves.

Kind of smart really.

Ai Hin was supposed to be the star of the first live broadcast of a panda giving birth, I guess she just wanted the spotlight without putting in the work.

To take the edge of this shocking ‘pandas may be evil’ revelation, here is a video of an adorable panda sneezing:

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