"Pancaking" is the volumising hair trend you need to try.

Image: Supplied.

We’re already acquainted with ‘baking’, now say hello to another beauty trend that has nothing to with cooking.

Dubbed ‘pancaking’, it’s the volumising hair trend for anyone who wants to take their tight, neat braids up a notch.

“It’s basically flattening out a braid making it less bulky and wider. It softens the braid and makes it more like flat loops rather than your typical braid,” explains stylist and ELEVEN Australia Co-Creative Director Joey Scandizzo.

“It’s a great way to make a braid look more modern and accentuate texture and add some dimension. I like how it can add some flyways and look almost ethereal.” Watch: How to ‘pancake’ your braid. (Post continues after video.)

While it’s a trend that’s emerging now thanks to the growing popularity of braids as hairstyle for all ages the technique itself has actually been around for a little longer.

“It was a technique that was used back in day of Marie Antoinette on her wigs and hair pieces to create a flat braid that they could build up and create height,” says Scandizzo. (Post continues after gallery.)

How to 

  1. If starting from damp hair, blast on a texturiser like sea salt spray or dry shampoo, then when dry apply a volumising powder through the roots, mid lengths and ends.
  2. Pull hair to one side (or your chosen braid style) and loosely braid from the bottom of the ear down, securing with an elastic.
  3. Gently work your way up the braid pulling out each section to flatten (like a pancake…) the twists to make the braid flatter and wider
  4. Once complete, keep in place with a light hold hair spray like ELEVEN Australia Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray.

It’s such an easy way to add volume to any braid, taking just two simple steps when starting from dry hair. While it works with any plait, we love how it makes a fishtail braid look even more effortlessly messy and cool.

What’s your go-to braid style?