CULT BUY: The shoes every woman with a wide foot needs to know about.

Ladies, after years of searching I’ve finally found my perfect match. For my feet, that is.

After decades of struggling to find shoes that would fit my size 11 (WIDE) feet and not make me look like someone’s grandma, I stumbled upon Palmaira Sandals on Instagram.

They looked cute as hell and everyone was raving about them.

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So after um-img and ah-ing, and wondering whether it all sounded too good to be true, I finally bought a pair and HOLY CHEESEBALLS, they’ve changed my life.

That was over six months ago and I just keep on buying ’em.

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They’re perfect. They’re a match-made in foot heaven. They’re comfy enough to wear everyday (and during your commute) and they come in bunch of different colours, so you can buy some sparkly ones and look like you’ve put in some serious effort if you ever go anywhere fancy.


In most styles, they’re available in sizes 35-44 – that’s up to a size 13 in women’s shoes (UNHEARD OF) – and they’re just as comfy for people with smaller, narrower feet.

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They cost around $110 a pair, but if you factor in that’ll you wear them every damn day, they’re an absolute bargain.

AND THE COLOURS. Pink, rose metallic, silver, leopard print, tan nubuck, gun-metal glitter, just to name a few.

I know I probably sound like I’ve run off and joined a cult and that’s because I HAVE, and my feet have never been happier.

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