TREND TO TRY: The pant every stylish celeb is wearing.

Olivia Palermo, Claudia Schiffer, Lauren Hutton, Grace Kelly, J.Lo, Olivia Munn, the woman who plays Marnie on Girls: what do they all have in common?

A penchant for wide-legged pants. Or, if you want the scientific term, Palazzo pants. They’ve been hovering around on the racks for a few seasons now, but these pants aren’t going anywhere because women around the world have realized they are very, very comfortable.

Here are five reasons to climb into a pair, if you haven’t already.

Stylist, Sarah Elizabeth Turner on how to turn your wardrobe around. (Post continues after audio.)

1. The long, straight lines make you look like a leggy goddess.

It honestly doesn’t matter how tall, short, skinny, curvy you are, these pants look good on everyone. Extra points if the fabric is actually stripey. These have Olivia Palermo’s name on them, which seems like a pretty good vouchsafe. You know Palermo, the socialite with the brown shiny hair who’s always getting snapped on street style blogs. Now you can wear her pants.

2. They’re basically an outfit in themselves.

These glorious Zara pants look like a jumpsuit, but they aren’t. Have some fun with optical illusions, or put them with a simple black top—it’s extremely hard to not look glamorous when you’re dealing with this much billowing fabric.

3. You can channel Jackie Kennedy on vacation.

Or Zelda Fitzgerald on a cruise. Or a very refined lady who spends her days lazing in a bay window at the Hamptons. But really, this pair at Anthropologie sell themselves. Just look at them.

Scroll through to see our favourite Palazzo pants. (Post continues after gallery.)

4. You can look polished and respectable when you honestly don’t feel like wearing anything else.

Sick of your jeans? Too bloated for a dress? Not tempted to ever go near a pair of shorts again, no matter how hot it is? Palazzo pants make it look like you tried anyway, even if you’re still wearing yesterday’s shirt. Uniqlo deliver the goods on a wear-everyday pair.

Go to. ‘Tis the season for big lunches.

Featured images via: Zara, Chic Little Boho, and Nordstrom

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