What it's like to have an "orgasmic" birth.

A mother-of-three has described the “evolution” of her birthing experiences, culminating in the “orgasmic” delivery of her third baby.

It started with a fear of childbirth. Clara Riba Domingo was terrified of the pain and trauma she was certain childbirth would bring. When she fell pregnant with her first child at 27, she began her research.

“I started working on my breathing and not allowing any pain to take over my body whenever I hurt myself, even just when I bumped my toe, for example,” the 34-year-old told Kidspot

When she gave birth to her first child and her only daughter Sophia, now aged four, Clara found she could “cope with the pain if I went with it rather than resisted it”.

This paved a pathway towards a natural, ‘pain-free’ birth.

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For her second baby Luke, now aged two, Clara enlisted the help of a doula and gave birth at home. “I went to the next level. I had glimpses of what birth could potentially be,” she said.

With her third, Leo, Clara was determined to do it all on her own.

“I wanted the experience to be completely untouched and undisturbed. I wanted to go within myself as much as I could. Even having my husband there would be a distraction,” she said.


Her contractions started on the way home from gym, when Clara was about a week out from her due date.

By the time she got home, her contractions were about three minutes apart and one minute long. Clara was calm, sending her husband and her children out of the house.

“I messaged my doula, who I had on standby, and she said, ‘it looks like you are having a baby’,” Clara said.

“I could feel my body stretching and lengthening and I could see my belly tightening, but I thought something was wrong because I had no pain.”

While he expected her to be struggling at home, Clara’s husband arrived back home to see her “dancing around the bedroom” and completely pain free.

“It was very different to what he had seen at the previous births. When he saw me like this he said, ‘are you really in labour?'”

He and their two children watched as Clara squatted on the floor after her waters broke. Fifteen minutes later, with “four to five painless pushes”, baby Leo was in the world.

“It was such a powerful transformation,” she said. “It was like an opening to a new level of motherhood and womanhood.”

You can find out more about pain-free births at Clara’s blog, here.